AI Compliance

We offer pre-built solutions in AML, KYC and contract management.  Our "AI guard" enable you to solve the onboarding, payment screening, KYC, contract management much more quickliy and compliant.


eKYC* - ID and Identity Verification Solutions

  • eKYC service ensure your online account opening process with highest accuracy.

  • Real-time identification of real persons by liveness detection 

  • Verification of authenticity of real persons and documents 

  • Optical character recognition of identification documents, passports and documents according to our system of more than 3,500 ID types across 200 countries and territories

* Powered by Jumio


AML* Payment Screening

and Monitoring

  • High speed low latency API solution to support the high-volume AML pre-screening

  • Web-based bulk batch post-screening and monitoring 

  • Support different industries such as: FinTech, InsurTec, PayTech, Lending Tech, LegalTech, Virtual Bank, FX, Crypto-currency Exchange and Gambling

* Powered by LexisNexis


eSignature* - Contract Management

  • Enables circulation of documents for all signing parties to electronically sign in a cryptographically protected way.

  • Can be utilized in numerous circumstances of remote working environments, distance business/ online dealings, account opening and regulatory filings.  

  • Enables sending and signing virtually securely from any device anywhere at any time.

* Powered by DocuSign

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